Established in 1632, the university is the largest university in the Netherlands. University of Amsterdam is in the top 1% of universities in the world, ranking 1st in the Netherlands and 75th globally. The tuition fees for the academic year 2021 - 2022 are: EU/EEA students € 2,168 per year; non-EU/EEA students € 15,375 per year Bachelor's programmes at the UvA The University of Amsterdam (UvA) offers over 20 English-taught Bachelor's programmes in addition to a large number of Dutch-taught degree programmes. Citizens of Non-EU/EEA countries are required to pay the first semester's tuition fee before the beginning of studies. If you meet the requirements applied by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, you will be required to pay the statutory tuition fee. Below is a list of universities in the Netherlands with the tuition fees for international students Tuition Fees for International Students in Amsterdam. Tuition fee. On 10 July 2018, the Upper House of Dutch parliament approved a bill that would reduce university tuition fees for students in their first year. The 'University of Groningen Regulations for Registration and Tuition Fees' set out the (legal) conditions for registration and tuition fees at the University of Groningen. Choose a Master, an MS or an MBA in E-Business and Digital Marketing The Sector of E-Learning The e-business consists of introducing communication technologies to carry out the activities of a business. The University of Amsterdam is public research university in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The tuition fee in the Netherlands for European Union (EU) students is about 1800-4000 Euros each year and for international students the fee is about 6000-20000 Euros each year. Northumbria University's partnership with the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (AUAS) offers accredited Postgraduate qualifications and the chance for Undergraduates from both institutions to experience overseas study on real business projects. The AES is a full scholarship of €25,000 (covering tuition and living expenses) for one academic year with the possibility of extension for a second year for two-year Master’s programmes. University of Amsterdam in Netherlands. The University of Amsterdam houses the Center for the Study of European Contract Law (CSECL), … Phd studies in Tallinn University are without tuition fee. The Amsterdam Law School offers the following LLM programmes: European Private Law This Master's programme provides students with a unique opportunity to specialise in EU Civil and Commercial Law, with a coherent set of courses covering the issues central to the Europeanisation of private law. The 'University of Groningen Regulations for Registration and Tuition Fees' set out the (legal) conditions for registration and tuition fees at the University of Groningen. Amsterdam Merit Scholarship (AMS) For: students who are applying for a Master's programme (regular, dual or research) that does not have interviews as part of the admissions procedure. The University of Amsterdam (UvA) reflects the spirit of Amsterdam – it’s a place to be who you are and to discover who you want to become. Set in the heart of Amsterdam – the vibrant city that our students tell us is “the place to be” – we value freedom and diversity and promote a global mindset. Tuition fees are in the range of EUR 10,000 to 17,000 per academic year, depending on the programme. Tuition fee for pre-Master's programmes. Everyone who registers as a student or to take a course at the Amsterdam University of the Arts is obliged to pay tuition or course fees. All first-year students enrolling in higher education for the first time in or after 1 September 2018 will now pay a reduced rate during their first year if they are eligible for the statutory fee. Utrecht University has been required to determine the tuition fees for students who have already obtained a degree from a government-funded Dutch university or university of applied sciences (hogeschool) after 1 September 1991. It ranks among the top 100 universities in the world and the top 15 universities in Europe. Please click here for information on the tuition fees. Check all courses offered by University of Amsterdam with their Tuition Fees, course duration, Eligibility, Intake, Application timeline, Procedure and more Eligibility: Ranked in the top 100 universities, the University of Amsterdam offers low tuition for international students since it is funded by the government. Please find more information on the website of the Amsterdam University of the Arts. Share. This is the statutory tuition fee. In addition to their low prices, the city of Amsterdam is a great place to live, and it is one of the safest places to live in Europe. Students who apply for the first time for a Bachelor’s degree programme for which the higher statutory tuition fees are applicable, i.e. Tuition fees for government-subsidised study programmes are fixed on an annual basis by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science. The University of Amsterdam (abbreviated as UvA, Dutch: Universiteit van Amsterdam) is a public university located in Amsterdam, Netherlands.The UvA is one of two large, publicly funded research universities in the city, the other being the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VU). Ranks 1st among universities in Amsterdam. Between 1917 and 1931 student numbers increased from 1100 to 2500. The University is a world-class centre for research and teaching, and is committed to helping students think in an original, independent and academic way. Below you will find an overview of tuition fees for the 2021/2022 admission. Tuition fees for (Dutch) Bachelor's degree students: Tuition fees for (international) Bachelor's degree students: Tuition fees for (Dutch) Master's degree students: Tuition fees … The Amsterdam University Fund (AUF) also supports a number of international students who register for a summer course at the University of Amsterdam. The AUF covers part of the travel expenses for a limited number of students (there is a fixed budget). The scholarships are administered by the Nuffic NESO and cover your full tuition fee plus a €5,000 additional allowance. Tuition fee. University of Amsterdam. It was established by the municipal authorities of the city under the name Athenaeum Illustre. Amount: to be announced (indication: for the academic year 2020-2021 the scholarship was € 25,000). Founded in 1632, the University of Amsterdam is a publically owned university. Along with an offer of admission, students will receive information on how and when to pay tuition, as well as term of payment. Tuition fees in the Amsterdam Area Budgeting is really important for students – especially if you are going to be studying in an unfamiliar country. Foundation Academy of Amsterdam offers education for those who never had an opportunity to attend a college or a university, due to lack of resources like; finances, proper diploma's, or because they are refugees, migrants or stateless. Tuition fees for Bachelor's and Master's degree programmes depend on the programme of your choice. With the UvA’s very wide range of degree programmes, attracting people from all over the world and from many different disciplines, you can be sure of an exciting and diverse environment. Now that you are aware that the University of Amsterdam Scholarship opportunity (UvA) offers a scholarship program for talented Master’s students from outside Europe; The Amsterdam Excellence Scholarship (AES) which is a full scholarship of €25,000, covering tuition and living expenses for one academic year and lots more. How much does it cost to study in Amsterdam? University of Szeged, Hungary H-6720 Szeged, Dugonics square 13. More about the Amsterdam Merit Scholarship. Students from the EU/EEA, Switzerland and Suriname who are pursuing their first degree in the Netherlands pay the same tuition fees as Dutch students. Fees are paid either annually or biannually depending on the programme. If you follow a pre-Master's programme, you pay a fee per ECTS.For the academic year 2020-2021, this is €35.71 per ECTS, with a maximum of €2,143. With over 3,000 international students and researchers from more than 100 countries, the UvA offers a unique opportunity to pursue academic studies in a truly international environment. That depends on where you're from and which university you'll be attending. Your tuition fee needs to be credited to the UvA’s bank account one day before your degree programme starts at the latest, so 31 August for a September start and 31 Januari for a February start. Orange Tulip Scholarship (UvA) Economics and Business offers Orange Tulip Scholarships for non-EU Master's students in several countries. Established in 1632 by municipal authorities and later renamed for the city of Amsterdam, the University of Amsterdam is the third-oldest university in the Netherlands. University of Amsterdam The University of Amsterdam (UvA) is a leading international research university located in the historic city of Amsterdam. Phone: (+36-62) 544-000 Fax: (+36-62) 546-371 The University of Amsterdam (Dutch: Universiteit van Amsterdam) is a public university located in Amsterdam, Netherlands. The University of Amsterdam (UvA) is a modern university with a rich history, providing a high-quality education in inspiring surroundings. The tuition fees for the academic year 2021 - 2022 are: EU/EEA students € 2,168 per year; non-EU/EEA students € 15,375 per year Studielink will be open for payment from 12 May.